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Koi Tattoo Meanings And How To Get One You Truly Deserve?

The History of Koi fish tattoos The word "koi" comes from the Japanese, simply meaning "carp." According to Both Japanese and Chinese legend, If a koi fish succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, koi became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. koi have been popular images throughout the history of Asian tattoo designs and now Koi is very prevalent in Western tattoo culture. The ........ Read More

Tattooed Fruits And Vegetables

People aren't the only ones getting tattoos these days. Pretty soon you'll see fruits and vegetables with writing on them in the grocery stores. Instead of using stickers, fruit and vegetable labelers will be carving out names and expiration dates from the skin. A new laser technology has been developed in the past couple of years to etch out "labels" from the skin of both hard-skinned and soft-skinned fruits and vegetables. The system created by Hydroponics is called the Naturall Light Label........ Read More

Safety Reminders Before Getting A Harley Davidson Tattoo

If you think that a total Harley-Davidson image is not complete without a Harley-Davidson tattoo, then you might be considering of having one at any part of your body. However, it is given that strict guidelines should be followed in order to ensure that the procedure is safe. Here are the things you should remember before and during the procedure. Go to a certified artist. Since there are no certificate or diploma given to artist to prove their skills, ensuring your safety before getti........ Read More

What You Should Know Before You Get A Tattoo Or Piercing

Before getting a tattoo or a body piercing find out what all the risks are and how to get rid of the tattoo or body piercing if you no longer want it. A tattoo may only take a few minutes to get but it can last a lifetime. Tattoos are permanent. They are designs put on your skiing with pigments injected into the top layer of your skin with needles. Here is how tattoos are created: A needle is connected to an apparatus with tubes which contain dye. These needles pierce the skin multiple times k........ Read More

Potential Risks Of Getting A Tattoo

The majority of tattoos are applied without any problem, but there are some that result in a less than desirable outcome. For this reason, the potential risks associated with getting a tattoo cannot be overlooked. Unsanitary equipment is the main concern that most individuals face when getting a tattoo. The potential for contracting a disease is high with equipment that is not properly cleaned after each use. In addition, tattoos can often result in a skin infection if either the equipment u........ Read More

Questions To Ask A Tattoo Artist Before Getting A Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, take the time to talk with your tattoo artist. During the conversation, make sure to have a list of questions that you would like answered prior to moving forward with your decision. Below are a few questions that you should consider asking: How long have you been in business? This is important in determining how professional the work will be and what type of reputation the business has. If the tattoo studio is a member of the Better Business Bureau,........ Read More

Information To Known Before Getting A Tattoo

Before you decide to get a tattoo, you should always take a little bit of time to talk to your tattoo artist. When you speak to him, you should be sure to ask questions and find out anything you can about your new tattoo. You should also find out information about his background, and other important bits of information that will assist you in moving forward with your decision. The first thing you should find out is how long the parlor has been in business. This will let you know just how........ Read More

How To Get Tattooed

So… You want to get tattooed. Great! This can be a rewarding and life-enriching experience... IF done right. Knowing HOW to get tattooed is key to being happy with this decision. I hope in the following paragraphs to help you, as a potential client, learn the skills necessary to get a good tattoo, one you can live with. People get tattooed for a number of reasons… some good, some not so good. Tattoos can be a scrapbook of a person’s life. They tell us about the wearer’s loves, hates, h........ Read More

The Risks Of Getting Tattoos

Although most tattoos are applied with no problems at all, there are some tattoos that result in a not so good outcome. No matter how safe you may think they are, you simply can’t overlook the risks involved with getting a tattoo. Tattoo artists may tell you that there are no risks involved - although this isn’t the case. The biggest concern you have when getting a tattoo is unsanitary equipment. If the equipment isn’t cleaned and disinfected after each use, the risk for getting a ........ Read More

Want To Get That Tattoo Removed?

People get tattoos for any reason, and sometimes for no reason. We get tattoos express your love, to express one’s own self, as a fan or admirer of some idol, under peer pressure, to be up with the Jones’es or maybe just because its hip to get one. Whatever the case is, many of us in adult life end up regretting this youthful adventure. It could be because the tattoo reminds you of a broken love relationship or may be that visible tattoo is coming in your way of getting good job or joini........ Read More

How To Get The Perfect Kanji Tattoo You Truly Deserve?

Kanji was originated from Chinese Characters. Kanji is the term for Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese language. There are two different types of characters that are used in written Japanese: kana, which includes the types of writing known as hiragana and katakana, and kanji. All written Japanese evolved from written Chinese, and were modified to create the different sounds of the Japanese language. Kanji in Japanese are typically characters from the Chinese language that have b........ Read More

Why Get An Angel Tattoo Or Tribal Tattoo Design?

Why Do YOU Tattoo? People representing all walks of life choose to tattoo, but like snowflakes, no two tattooing “stories” are the same. For instance, many individuals decide to tattoo as a result of a major life event. They get divorced, get married, have a child, start a relationship, graduate from college, or lose a precious loved one. As an outward depiction of their inner emotions (which may be either positive or negative), they add a new dimension to their bodies in the form of........ Read More

The Risks Associated With Getting A Tattoo

While many tattoos are given with success, there are some that do not have such a happy outcome. There are risks of getting a tattoo that cannot be discounted. Among them, the risk of contracting a disease from unsanitary equipment. In addition, a tattoo recipient may be subject to a skin infection if the tattoo is not properly cleaned and cared for after it’s creation. Any type of problems that may arise as a result of getting a tattoo will likely have to be handled with the help of a lic........ Read More

Chinese Tattoos - How To Get The Perfect Design

Chinese tattoos are a beautiful and mysterious form of self expression, especially if they include the Chinese writing symbols. So if you're planning to get one of these tattoos, here's how to get the perfect design. Number 1: Get Your Chinese Character Tattoo Right The First Time Chinese symbol tattoos are one of the designs that are most likely to go wrong. Mistranslations, poor designs and bad alignment can all render your new design meaningless. Sure, you can get them removed, but a........ Read More

Shoulder Tattoos - Easy On The Eyes And On The Budget

On the list of your thing to consider before deciding to get a tattoo, the kind of tattoo to get will undoubtedly be at the top. But right behind it will be where on your body you want your tattoo positioned. The size and shape of your tattoo, of course, will eliminate a lot of your positioning options, but one of the most popular places for tattoos, for a variety of reasons, is the shoulder. Shoulder tattoos date back thousands of years to the Pacific and African tribes who used them as a me........ Read More


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Tribal Tattoo Tattoo Women Symbol Tattoo Popular Tattoo
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Tribal Tattoo Tattoo Women Symbol Tattoo Popular Tattoo
Tattoo Technique Temporary Tattoo Tattoo Physchology Tattoo Symbolism
Tattoo Care Get Tattoo Tattoo Cost Tattoo Removal

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